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Australian Visa Online Casinos That Accept Aussies

Visa is widely and legally accepted at online casinos in those countries where online gambling is allowed according to the law. It is a payment card and thus its use is mostly regulated by a bank issuing it. VISA can be used to make payment of different kinds including depositing or withdrawing within the online casino. It replaces cash money move by electronic transactions. This card is very popular and there are many organizations being licensed to issue it. They offer three types of a card. Debit cards are meant to afford access to the money on the bank account of a cardholder.

Credit cards offer credit funds under the particular conditions. The interests can be charged or not charged depending on the terms and timely repayment. In addition to credit means a user can keep own money here. The player is highly recommended to refuse to make payments using a credit card when he is gambling online as far as he runs the risk of overdrawing his account.

Also there are prepaid Visa cards, which can be loaded with money every time the customer spends the amount available. This card is rather convenient stopping a game when the balance is depleted. As compared to Master card – another corresponding payment method – Visa often provides the faster withdrawal without any delay and interruptions if it is coded in a proper way though the same terms are declared by operators.

Visa Inc. is an American multinational financial services corporation. It has its headquarters in California. It provides the electronic funds transfers all over the world offering Visa credit and debit cards. It is important to understand that the corporation doesn’t issue those cards to customers. There are agents like banks and any financial institutions partnering with Visa Inc. who arrange the production and distribution of credit and debit cards. Every such organization establishes its own policy and requirements as to their product in addition to the rules specified by the corporation and some of them can forbid using Visa cards for online gambling.

Pros and cons of Visa for the online casino gamblers

Advantages to using Visa:

  • Wide spread. We’d say that Visa smokes the competition. It is extremely popular and available almost in any country of the world. With such popularity it is quite reasonable to expect trouble-free operation.
  • Accepted at most online casinos. One can expect to see Visa among the payment options of any casino even if the list of payment systems available makes only a couple positions or thereabout. It is very handy.
  • High quality of service. There are almost no problems with it as far as all the business processes are completely tried and tested.
  • Depositing and withdrawal with VISA is easy.

Disadvantage to using Visa:

  • Visa Inc. can pass own license and certification expenses on to end users increasing fees and different interests.
  • In order to use VISA as a payment option at the online casinos, one should give his personal information and that fact is not comfortable for most players.
  • Restrictions in use for online gambling. As it was said above some banks do not support the idea to make payments with Visa at online casinos.
  • Long withdrawal. Most casinos carry out withdrawal using Visa cards during several days while there are options providing almost the instant transfer.
  • A range of casinos charge a fee for payment transaction within VISA cards making this option less favorable for gamblers.The cost of this option varies within different operators.

How does Visa work?

Depositing on the online casino account using Visa is rather simple. One is expected to enter the payment page of the casino website and select the corresponding method “Credit Cards” and then choose next option “Visa”. Here it is necessary to fill in the name (that very variant of it mentioned on the card), the Visa card number, expiring date of a card and the CVC safety code consisting of three digits that can be found on the back of a card. Finally one should specify the amount of money that is deposited, review all the information presented and confirm the action clicking the corresponding button. Usually this transaction is carried out instantly and just in a minute a player has the money on his casino account and at his disposal.

Withdrawal of funds from the casino account using Visa is almost as the above described process. The player chooses the needed option providing his name, the credit card number, the expiring date and the 3-digit CVC number. It should be mentioned that online casinos prefer offering Visa as depositing option. And if they allow making withdrawals with a VISA card, at first they require making a deposit with it.

By the way the corporation imposes restrictions as to charging of Visa cardholders by merchants establishing minimum or maximum levels for fees. But in Australia the retailers are allowed to apply surcharges to any transaction with Visa credit card or otherwise.


A player can rely on the positive reputation of the corporation and its popular product when safety is at issue. Of course one should ensure that he is gambling at a legitimate online casino. Visa is involved in online gambling industry for longer than almost any of its competitors. So they are able to prevent fraud and identity theft. There are a number of rules Visa Inc. has developed to regulate the policy of financial institutions offering Visa cards. As the result the banks provide the customers with reliable protection. The cardholders are identified in the way necessary to guarantee security and privacy of personal and financial information. The suspicious transactions are denied by the bank following non-discriminatory standards.